Peace Doves 14 oz
Peace Doves 14 oz
Peace Doves 14 oz
Peace Doves 14 oz
Peace Doves 14 oz
Peace Doves 14 oz
Peace Doves 14 oz
Libre Tea

Peace Doves 14 oz

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The Peace Doves limited edition infuser makes a great gift! This simple and elegant infuser features the same clean glass interior, durable BPA-free poly exterior and removable stainless steel filter as all our models, and can be used for all beverages, hot and cold.

Quantities are LIMITED. Order now while supplies last.

Designed by Kulov

Kulov is a creative professional whose real passions are culture and community. He has always successfully blended art and creativity with branding, marketing, public relations, event production and visual communications. Kulov is also
the founder of the Tea Lovers Festival in Los Angeles, which was one of the very first in the U.S., running for a decade until 2016.

Suggested pairings:

- White Berry Blossom Tea
- Cappuccino
- Cranberry Soda

Shipping & Specs:

  • Designed to be used with the built-in, removable stainless infuser
  • Shipping: We ship from Los Angeles, USA and Vancouver, CAN
  • Volume: 420 mL (14 oz.)
  • Size: approximately 8.75" (21.875cm) tall, 3.0" (7.50cm) diameter
  • Materials: Borosilicate glass, BPA-free poly, stainless steel, aluminum


Also available in 6-piece Giftset!

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