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Libre Infuser - Lively Leaves Green 14oz 6-piece Gift Set


  • Gazing at the Lively Leaves Tea Glass evokes the same feeling you get when out in nature, admiring the flora and fauna. Watch the cascading leaves of various green hues while also watching your tea leaves dance and steep inside the glass. This model features the same clean glass interior, durable BPA-free poly exterior and removable stainless steel filter as all our models, but with a leafy, lively green motif surrounding the glass. The earthy design will remind you of nature's serenity while enjoying any beverage on the go!

  • Suggested pairings:
  • -Fresh mint tea

    -Rosemary and grapefruit infusion

    -Green tea mojito

  • Contains six (6) individually boxed Lively Leaves. Eyecatching gifts for tea lovers everywhere. Each glass:

    • Volume: 420 mL (14 oz.)
    • Size: approximately 8.75" (21.875cm) tall, 3.0" (7.50cm) diameter
    • Materials: Borosilicate glass, BPA-free poly, stainless steel

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